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   These photos were taken when I attended the Actuarial Research Conference in Vancouver BC at Simon Fraser University.   Most of them were taken off campus when we went on a sightseeing trip arranged by the conference organizers.   If you click on the small photo you will get a larger photo, with high resolution and large file sizes.   The first set of pictures was taken from campus.

Cornerstone Market

A View from the Cornerstone Market area

Another View from Cornerstone Market area

Cornerstone Market

View from the Window of the Simon Hotel

View from the Window of the Simon Hotel

These photos were taken in a lovely restaurant in Queen Elizabeth Park on Monday evening.   The city and mountain views were taken through a large picture window.

View of Vancouver from the Restaurant

View of the mountains from the Restaurant

Bonnie Edwalds

Tom Edwalds and Arnold Shapiro

Chuck Fuhrer

City and mountain view

Close up of Downtown from the Restaurant

The following pictures were taken at the first stop on the sightseeing tour. It was in Vancouver's Chinatown, a park named for Dr. Sun Yat-Sen

Entrance to the park

Statue of Dr Sun Yat-Sen

Pond with lily pads

Gazebo and Rock

Wooded Path in Park


Tea House

Tea House

Tea House through a tree

Gazebo and Rock

Tropical Vegetation including a Banana plant


Display items on the table near where we learned about the camphor

Burning a design into leather

Free hand Art

"Solar Man", the artist

Back of jacket and sleeve

Front of jacket and sleeve

Intricate Window display just outside the park.

Intricate inlay on red tile wall outside the park. Red is a good color and when the Asian stock market goes up it is displayed in red


Lion guarding park

From Chinatown we went to Gastown, the historic area in downtown Vancouver. The primary attraction here is the Steam Clock and the old fashioned light poles.

The steam clock and light poles

The gas light poles with flowers

First of a series of clock strikes at 2:45

Watch the steam in these

A little less steam, we all had to stay out of the way or get wet!

The steam is dissipating

Clock works and reflections

Stuart Klugman looking at the inner workings

The clock works

The train and mountains from Gastown
Our next stop was the totem pole area in Stanley Park, we stayed here much longer than planned due to a bus breakdown.   This is a peninsula in the sound between the mainland and Vancouver island.

The "forest" of totem poles in Stanley Park

Colorful totem poles

A Short totem pole

Three more tall totem poles

Two totems near the tall trees

A different angle for the three totem poles

Downtown and the Port from Stanley Park

The Port from Stanley Park

Cruising to Alaska on Holland America


Stanley Park trolley

Stanley Park horse drawn trolley

Another view of the old fashioned trolley

Joan Barrett, Stuart Klugman and Tom Herzog

Freighter from Stanley Park

Seaplane and North Vancouver

Closer View

Seaplane and the port

Freighter passing the port

Seaplane over lighthouse


Heron on the beach

Heron walking into the water


Looking west along the beach

Baby raccoons

Raccoon near dumpster foraging for food

Looking west from Prospect Point

Lookout at Prospect Point

Bridge to North and West Vancouver

Our last stop was the Capilano Suspension Bridge.   Some of the places to see were on the other side of the bridge.   However having crossed a suspension bridge (possibly this one!) a number of years ago, and without enjoying it, I stayed on the original side and took some pictures.

Story Time area explaining the history of the bridge and area

Explaining the meaning of a totem pole

Capilano's totem poles

The suspension bridge (it is NOT steady)

A closer view of the bridge

A view of the canyon from a deck outside of the trading post

The far end of the suspension bridge

A trio entertains the people in the outdoor cafe next to the trading post


There were many beautiful hydrangeas there

The trading post's RCMP

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